About CareerXFactor

CareerXFactor is a dedicated career information platform in China to serve Overseas Educated Talents by offering career insights, job opportunities, networking events, and more. It’s a new networking community that helps returning Chinese and expats settle into life inside the world’s biggest economy.

Our mission is to empower Overseas Educated Talents to confidently define their competitive edge, enabling them to showcase and highlight their true potential with tools derived from first hand, real-time experience and be the XFactor to their career success in China.


We believe in taking work seriously but not ourselves


We believe friendship is the most valuable currency


We believe information can be shared by a single click


We believe real success is a shared experience

Make a difference

We believe our vocation will make a difference to the lives of many


We believe in value adding to the partner relationship

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Access to premium employers
Free career insights videos
Tailor-made new jobs alert

It’s time to fly
into the future


Enhance your footprint in China
Richen your connections
Host feature video and broadcast your brand

Your local partner
that matters


High quality talent pool
Limited-time offer: free job listing service
Dedicated service team

The golden talent pool you
don’t want to miss out

What our members are saying

“CareerXFactor is a truly exciting concept, with the potential to change the way people see international business. We're really happy to be involved from the beginning.

- Scott Wrigg, 105 Creative

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